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product support

As our valued customer, we will try our best efforts to serve you better. Please contact us for any product-related questions. We will response you as much as we can.

custom synthesis

Equipped with 4-5 affiliate research labs, 2-3 pilot/manufactory facilities and a team of exprienced organic chemists/processing chemists, currently we accept custom synthesis of reference compound(s) from gram to koligram within 3-5 steps. Usually it takes us around 6-8 weeks to finish customer orders . However, since every project various case by case, please contact us for detailed information on your project(s) needs.

contract purchasing

With enriched worldwide chemical market sources, we are able to find you reliable products in very competitive price to lower your material costs for your reasearch project(s). No more complicates for you any more, and we will handle all the difficultites in front of you --import/export regulations, language/culture conflicts etc. Even if you don't find what you need in our catalog, you are encouraged to contact us to get a quotation. Your needs is our priority.

industry and business services

We specialized in multi-culture international industry and business services. We believe cost effective resources sharing concept to support other businesses. Services include but not limited to intangible business consulting and tangible agent services, such as business management, procurement, shipping, compliance, finance services and more.